ONG&ONG Group hosted BeyondX, and event showcasing burgeoning new technologies pertaining to design and architecture. Parametric Design, Artificial Intelligence, 3D-Printing and Virtual Reality took center stage as companies, big and small, gave us a peek into the future.

AntiCAD brought along two installations: P1™, our flagship project, an exploration in the planar mapping of a non-developable surface, and Auxetik™, our latest commission, a kinetic ceiling.


P1™ was exhibited alongside two new, full-sized segments, in walnut and birch. These prototypes helped showcase how it would be implemented in future projects. The custom perforated Timberix™ panels exhibit P1’s potential use in the acoustic treatment of a space, on top of being a stunning wall or ceiling display.


Auxetik™ is our latest project. It was birthed from a proposal from ONG&ONG; A feature ceiling for their lobby which would react to the traffic below underneath it. It is an exciting venture, turning a mundane space into something reactive and dynamic. We had an idea of how we would approach it; a fabric-like canopy, animated by a system of actuators and cameras to detect movement. Bringing it to life prove to be a little more challenging. 

With our electronics, the camera had to utilise pixel mapping to detect movement. This information would be processed and relayed to a network of motors that would raise or lower segments of the canopy.

The canopy itself, had to be flexible, durable and mindful of maintenance and cleaning access. A fabric creates an organic curve, but the excessive pulling would cause it to deform. A grid of panels would be more durable, but it’d be a toss up between terrible resolution, or a ridiculous number of panels.


By exploiting the characteristics of auxetic geometry, we were able to use panels, with their modular practicality, without losing the organic stretch of fabric. When a hand is passed under the camera module of the prototype, the steppers react accordingly, and its canopy of 88 interconnected panels is pinched upward mirroring the hand’s movement.

It was gratifying to see the guests at BeyondX enjoying our work, and also an honour to be numbered amongst firms that push the use of new technologies in the field of design.

It was really fun to be part of this fresh and interesting project. I can’t wait to see the final product up! I think the most rewarding part of this project has to be its ability to bring some wonder to a banal, everyday space. 




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