3mm Veneer Plywood

Not Applicable

Standard Dimension
1100mm x1050mm

Standard Thickness
Not Applicable

Eco-Friendly Test
Not Applicable

Fire-Rated Test
Not Applicable

John Butler

“Diffuse” is an interior façade cladding product that diffuses light and sound through its placement of small apertures in response to room conditions. The room conditions or parameters the cladding system responds to include: the shape of the room, light sources, and a large number of aesthetic variables.

The product features mechanical Helmholtz resonators which can mechanically adjust their diameter to absorb a range of problematic frequencies for treating a room’s acoustics. The structure of the cladding adopts an efficient use of material and forms a tectonic network where each panel shares its attachment rods with each of its neighbours. This structural network allows the product to take on a low-polygon, mesh-like appearance whereby the cladding surface is reconstructed with a screen of unique quadrilateral shapes.  

John Butler graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture in 2019 with a specialization in computational design. He is interested in sustainable land-use practices and using the latest technologies such as virtual reality to aid in the architectural design process. 

AntiCAD, Singapore

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