Fabrix™ Tracks, Struts

Polymer, Fabric, 25mm Blockboard, Wood Battens

Acoustic Fabric

Standard Dimension

Fabrix™ Tracks Dimension

Fabrix™ Tracks Thickness

Toxicity Emission Test
BS 6853 Annex B = R < 1.0

Fire-Rated Test
EN 13501-1 = Class B

Smoke Density Test
EN 13501-1 = s1 d0

Fire Spread Test
EN 13501-1 = Class 0 (self-extinguishing)

Simon Rocknathan

Fabrix™ is a fabric system that uses proprietary polymer tracks to construct acoustic panels.

The curved ceiling was inspired by Hokusai’s famous wood-block print, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”.

Fabrix™ ML27S (Mid Load, 27mm Height, Square Profile) was used to form three-dimensionally curved surfaces, to emulate the undulating tidal surface of the ocean waves. The fabric tracks have a small gap cut intermittently cross-wise, to allow them to flex to the correct curvature. The panels can be made to simulate complex topographies such as convex, concave, and saddle point surfaces.

Download Specification Sheet PDF

Simon Rocknathan is an architectural student at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). He is interested in sustainable design and incorporating parametric design to aid in the architectural design process. 

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