Fabrix Tracks, 3D-Printed Joints, Substrate

Polymer, PLA, Earthwool, Fabric

Acoustic Fabric

Mounting Mechanism
3D-Printed Joints

Standard Thickness

Standard Dimension
2600mm x 2600mm x 2600mm

Heptagon, Hexagon

Toxicity Emission Test
BS 6853 Annex B = R < 1.0

Fire-Rated Test
EN 13501-1 = Class B

Smoke Density Test
EN 13501-1 = s1 d0

Acoustics Test
ASTM C423-09a NRC = 1.0 

TakahashiLim A+D

The acoustic sculpture is generated using mathematical principles underlying natural forms. Like a wavy coral reef, Köral™ is based on hyperbolic geometry; it grows exponentially outwards, creating excessive folds to increase surface area for sound absorption. An earth-friendly and sustainable acoustic substrate is inserted between the colourful fabric that skins the sculpture. The result is an experimental collaborative art work that marries striking design, acoustic performance, and innovation.

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TakahashiLim A+D is a design studio based in Singapore. Their work ranges from interior design, furniture design to art installations. Leveraging thier unique and diverse backgrounds, they thrive to innovate, inspire, and spark joy with their designs. 


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