Polyester Board

Standard Thickness

Standard Dimension
Kite Panel: 780mm x 450mm
Tri Panel: 390mm x 450mm
Hex Panel: 780mm x 900mm

Joining Mechanism (Panels) 

Mounting Mechanism (Panels)             
Cable Gripper & Wire Rope

Eco-Friendly Test
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

Fire-Rated Test
EN 13501-1 = Class B s1, d0

Acoustics Test                   
ISO 354 = NRC 0.41

Christopher Li

Polyx™ Tessellate consists of three pyramidal faceted geometries – Kite, Tri, and Hex. By omitting faces and blending panels of different colours, they can be modularly tiled in various ways to form aesthetically intricate designs.

Procedural generation is used to tessellate these across the surface creating organic pseudo-random designs, and can also be used to produce complex fractal patterns.

The polyester panel is made by a process of tumbling, needle punching, and baking low and high melting point polyester fibres. The high density fibrous network absorbs sounds and reduces reverberation.

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Christopher Li is a Cambridge University student enrolled for a Masters of Engineering. He is fascinated by the possibilities brought about in the confluence of design and engineering, leveraging generative design and computer vision to breathe life into the architectural space.

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