2mm Plywood

Not Applicable

Standard Dimension
1100mm x 1050mm

Standard Thickness
Not Applicable

Eco-Friendly Test
Not Applicable

Fire-Rated Test
Not Applicable

Elvin Kee Jun Yew

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese philosophy often described as appreciating the beauty in imperfection. The project aims to combine this traditional saying with emerging technologies such as parametric modelling and digital fabrication. 2mm plywood is a material commonly used in construction sites, where it is usually discarded after one use due to it’s inadequacies for other purposes. 

The aim of the project was thus to create a new way of looking at this material, where it’s imperfections were seen as the main contributors to the aesthetics.

Elvin is an architecture student from SUTD. His interest in architecture relates to parametric design and also rethinking how we can fuse the traditional with advanced technologies. He believes that technology can be used in a way where we are not only doing new things, but also preserving and enhancing artisanal methods and crafts at the same time.

Singapore, AntiCAD

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