Waffle Baffle

Polyester Board

Standard Thickness

Standard Dimension
460mm x 2080mm

Joining Mechanism (Panel)
Waffle Joint

Mounting Mechanism(Panel)

Fire-Rated Test
EN 13501-1 = Class B s1, d0

Acoustics Test
ISO 354 = NRC 0.31 

Kristine Tan & Yong Xun Hao

Polyx™ Waffle Baffle is a series of meandering baffles connected together via the waffling method. These baffles are slotted into Unistrut channels for ease of installation.

Polyester Board is made by a process of tumbling,
needle punching, and baking low and high melting point polyester fibres. The high density fibrous network absorbs sounds and reduces reverberation.

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Kristine and Xun Hao are NTU undergraduates, studying Civil and Mechanical Engineering respectively. Leveraging on their unique backgrounds, they strive to create innovation in the world of computational design.

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