SingaPlural 2019

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Singaplural 2019

SingaPlural 2019 draws on evolution in nature to inspire innovation in design. The theme “Unnatural Phenomena” explores the origins and evolutions of novel new design species, forged by unorthodox collaborations that challenge disciplinary boundaries. Audacious yet grounded, unanticipated yet deliberate: “Unnatural Phenomena” can unexpectedly surprise you.

Come and visit us at Singaplural 2019 to see and hear for yourself how an acoustic hyperbolic structure can give you a pocket of silence in a crowded space!

What is this exhibition about?

Have you ever wondered why are our ears shaped the way they are? Because the folds and undulations of our ear help to channel and modulate sound, and thus enhance how we hear and sense the world. Enjoy the Silence explores this intimate link between form and sound. It is a sculptural acoustic installation that melds complex geometry and sound absorbing material to create an unnatural quiet zone within a crowded space.

How is the sculpture generated?

The acoustic sculpture is generated using mathematical principles underlying natural forms. Like a wavy coral reef, Enjoy the Silence is based on hyperbolic geometry; it grows exponentially outwards, creating excessive folds to increase surface area for sound absorption. An earth-friendly and sustainable acoustic substrate is inserted between colourful fabric—from the Fabrix paneling system—that skins the sculpture. The result is an experimental collaborative art work that marries striking design, acoustic performance, and innovation.

Where to find us?

Date: 4– 17 March 2019

Venue:  National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road, Singapore (188969)

Opening Hours (Daily):  9:00am – 9:00pm

Who are the people involved in making this?

Enjoy the Silence is an acoustic artwork designed by Takahashilim A+D and made possible by AntiCAD! We welcome collaborations from designers from all walks of life!


AntiCAD is a product design company founded in 2017 and is currently headquartered in Singapore. The name Anti CAD is an antithesis to traditional CAD (Computer Aided Design). Parametric design is a process based on algorithmic thinking that enables the expression of parameters and rules that define the relationship between design intent and response. AntiCAD manufactures products to be used in parametric design, notably Fabrix, a fabric system showcased in the Singaplural exhibition.

Takahashilim A+D

Takahashilim A+D is a design studio based in Singapore. Our work ranges from interior design, furniture design to art installations. Leveraging our unique and diverse backgrounds, we thrive to innovate, inspire, and spark joy with our designs. We offer world-class computation, parametric modelling, and digital fabrication skills and apply them in our projects to create highly imaginative and original outcomes.

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