Client: SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
Architect: Jack Rouse Associates
Main-contractor: Kinetics Middle East

At SeaWorld, Abu Dhabi, we’ve taken the legacy a notch higher with Polyx acoustic baffles. Covering an expansive 12,000m2, these 100% PET baffles not only control reverberation but also ensure that the magic of marine life is coupled with impeccable sound quality.

In the newly built Abu Dhabi SeaWorld’s Flamingo Point, the space features 12mm Polyx™ polyester baffles, intricately CNC cut into wave patterns, enhancing both aesthetics and acoustics. These baffles play a pivotal role in ensuring an exceptional auditory experience for visitors, harmonizing the blend of design and sound at Flamingo Point.


Client: Autodesk, Inc.
Architect: Wolf Studio
Main-contractor: Wynncorp
Installer: Aural-Aid

The project is a collaboration between AntiCAD and Wolf Studio. The installation is made possible with Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) methods.

The faceted ceiling and pillars are made with 816 unique panels, which are engraved with an alphanumeric label. These labels help the installers know the precise location of each panel. To clad the round pillars with faceted panels, they are first wrapped with a waffle structure made of fire-rated MDF. The waffled columns then serve as a base to mount the faceted panels.

Once the faceted base structure for the pillars and ceiling is ready, corresponding laser-cut wood laminates are installed onto the base structure. The end product is a homogenous cladding, that combines the ceiling and pillars into one faceted unified form.

SingaPlural 2019

Köral, TakahashiLim A+D x AntiCAD

SingaPlural 2019, organised by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council, is a strong advocate for collaborations between brands and creatives. Curated by the collective Formwerkz and Bravo, the 2019 edition is based on the theme ”Unnatural Phenomena”, which explores the origin and evolution of extraordinary hybrids when disciplines collapse, mix, and morph in shared pursuits.

Singaporean architects from TakahashiLim A+D, partnered up with AntiCAD, to create an installation for the theme of Unnatural Phenomena for SingaPlural 2019. 


Beyond X is an initiative led by Ong&Ong, where different technology collaborators will be coming together to share, dissect and extrapolate exponential technologies that are shaping our projects and the AEC industry, today and into the near future.


The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Curved Ceiling, Aural-Aid HQ

This ceiling project was inspired by Hokusai’s famous wood-block print, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”. The purpose of this ceiling project was to create a feature ceiling that showcases the ability of a curved fabric system using Fabrix.

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